InHealth Associates

InHealth Associates is a network of patient-centred improvement specialists and experienced patient and public engagement practitioners. It was set up and is directed by David Gilbert who has over 25 years’ experience in engagement at local, national and international level.

We provide advice and support for health and social care professionals and organisations to work with patients and the public effectively in order to improve and transform services. We have a portfolio of engagement services that includes

  • Strategic advice – Organisational development and leadership support
  • Evaluation – Including monitoring and development of tools that measure impact
  • Running events – Design, delivery and facilitation of workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Research – Original thinking about new approaches to engagement
  • Policy – Development of strategic thinking, policy input and thought leadership
  • Presentations at major events and conferences
  • Written articles, reports and training and educational materials

We work at all levels of the organisation – strategic and operational – including Boards, senior management teams and operational staff. All our work embodies true engagement, meaning that we practice what we preach and engage fully with key stakeholders in all we do.

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